Outdoor Heat for Your Pet

Keeping Your Pet Safe and Warm.

Providing outdoor heat for your pet is not a difficult task; however, ensuring the safety of that heat source is a different story.

Only use a heating pad or mat that is designed for outdoor use. Make sure the heating mat is extremely durable and can be used safely in wet and dry environments.

Heated mats for pets keep animals safe and warm.

Many de-icing and ice-melting products are toxic. Keep these products out of reach from your pet and thoroughly clean any spills.

Wipe off your dog occasionally to remove salt, antifreeze or other harmful chemicals that may be ingested when it licks its paws.

Make sure the power cord to the heating pad is not accessible to the animal. (We all know how much dogs like to chew on things!)


Indoor and Outdoor Heating for Pets

Outdoor Heating Mats Provide Safety and Comfort for Pets. 

Keep your pets safe and warm with a weatherproof heating matWintertime presents difficult challenges for pet owners to keep their pets happy and healthy, especially outdoor pets. Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking that their pets’ fur is good enough to withstand the bitter cold, but the truth is animals get cold too. Even if your pet is only left outside during the day or for short periods of time, proper steps and precautions should be made to ensure animals stay warm. Our outdoor heating mats/blankets are safe for animals, durable to withstand extreme weather conditions, and efficiently provide warmth all winter long.

For colder regions of the country, an outdoor heating mat for a pet should be coupled with a doghouse or shelter where animals can escape precipitation and wind. Heating mats typically become too warm for an animal to lay on for extended periods of time, so it is recommended to place a blanket or covering over the mat to enhance your animal's comfort.

PowerBlanket outdoor heating pads are durable enough to be safely buried beneath the doghouse – even in wet conditions – without being damaged, to avoid pets that have a habit of chewing things up. The convenience and low cost of an outdoor pet heating blanket makes keeping your pets safe and warm this winter easy. Be kind – don’t leave animals out in the cold.

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