Home Heat Center supports green power.

Green Up Your Home

The environment is important to all of us. That is why the Home Heat Center is making it easier to choose efficient, low-energy consuming products for your every day needs.

Use products that support renewable energy

Going "green" has generally been thought of as an expensive process. In actuality, going green will save you money in the long run. Doing something small like eliminating fossil fuel products from your home can go a long way to reducing carbon emissions and lowering your footprint on the environment.


Heating Products for the Home, Office and Outdoors

Creating Warmth for Your Home, Office, Pets and Outdoor Living Areas 

With several home and outdoor heating options available, finding the right heating system for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Whether you're looking for efficient home heating solutions, office heaters, engine warmers or durable, outdoor heating mats for your pet, Home Heat Center has a wide range of proven heating solutions to meet your needs.

Wall-mounted heaters provide a safe, comfortable heat source. Outdoor Heating
Outdoor dining and gathering areas are becoming increasingly popular among commercial and residential property owners. Not only are restaurants utilizing the advancements of outdoor heating technology, but homeowners are also installing outdoor heating systems to enhance comfort and create a more attractive, comfortable gathering place for friends and family.

Heating Your Home  
Supplementing your home heating with safe, energy-efficient electric heating has never been so simple! While most homes are heated with costly fossil fuels, you can reduce your heating costs by augmenting your existing heat system with energy-saving electric wall-mount heaters quickly and easily without breaking the bank.  

Comfortable Office Heaters
Having a comfortable work environment is one sure way to enhance productivity. Solve drafty office space problems with an efficient, safe Cozy foot or panel heater that provides comfortable heat you can enjoy throughout your work day. The compact size and stylish design of these cozy office heaters makes these heaters ideal "under-the-desk" heaters or heating sources for just about any small to medium sized room.

Keep Your Pet Warm During the Cold Winter Months
Despite a thick coat of fur, your pet is still vulnerable to frigid winter conditions! Home Heat Center offers a variety of durable, weatherproof heating mats to keep your family's pet warm. These electric heated mats can be safely used in wet conditions and utilized in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Get Your Car Through the Winter
Nothing is more frustrating than a stalled car on a cold winter morning. Keep your car's engine warm and ready to start by covering the motor with a specially designed electric engine warmer. The flexible, weatherproof warmer protects your vehicle's engine from the damaging effects of freezing temperatures, and ensures an effortless "startup" every morning. PowerBlanket engine warmers are simple to use and extremely durable.